Chet Eats Quinoa!

Chet and I have traveled quite a bit over the past year.  Of course there are the dinners at Culinary Dropout in Scottsdale, Arizona that do not make the “healthy” list, but overall, we have done a much better job of choosing our indulgences wisely and making better choices while on the road.  Last summer [...]

Biscoff Spread is "evil amazing stuff"

That is what my friend Beth called it.  I have known about Biscoff Spread for years.  I have read many a blog post about Speculoos and even known of Trader Joe’s cousin, the Cookie Butter.  I have resisted all temptation to buy the stuff.  I even took a picture of a jar of it at [...]

Our Latest Meatless Obsession for Meatless Monday!

Chet and I have been obsessed with a certain meatless dish for the past couple weeks.  We were in Dearborn a few weeks ago and just happened to be really hungry when we were passing by a Lebanese Restaurant that we had never heard of.  Ollie’s Lebanese Cuisine has several locations in the metro area.  [...]

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