Corky and I went on a camping trip earlier this summer.  For years, I have gone camping each summer with the Lansing Jaycees.  When Corky entered my life and started going with me on these trips, it turned into us staying at a local “2 star hotel”, which is as close to camping as he is ever going to come!  This year’s trip took us to Silver Lake State Park.  Our sleeping arrangements were close by in Hart, Michigan.  Our motel room was equipped with a window AC unit, running water and we even had access to a fish cleaning station right outside our door!  I think the campers at the state park had a little more luxurious accommodations.

Campfire cooking is one of my favorite camp activities.  For years, Friday night has always included a lot of pie iron cooking.  We have come up with some unbelievable combinations for pie irons.  There was Carrie’s Classic Reuben Sandwich in a Pie Iron with corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut, dipped in Thousand Island Dressing of course.  Then there was Angela’s Beef Pot Pie with Dinty Moore Beef Stew inside a crescent roll crust.  There were also a few flops, like when I tried one filled with canned corned beef hash…epic failure.  There has been a variety of sweet combinations too that go well beyond the canned pie filling variety.  Bananas Foster can be made with bananas, butter and brown sugar in a bread or crescent roll crust.  The combinations are seemingly endless.  This year there were three pie iron combinations that stood out to me. 

Angela made a gorgeous caprese pizza with mozzarella, fresh basil and pizza sauce.


Caprese Pie Iron Pizza

I brought a package of Pimento Cheese from Trader Joe’s and made a Pimento Cheese and Vidalia Onion Pie Iron.  This one was good, but just for the record, Pimento Cheese over a campfire gets freaking hot and very liquid and will burn your chin like hell.  If you try this one, let it sit for a few minutes before your first taste.

Pimento Cheese

Cheese Sandwich

The Pie Iron Creation that I was most proud of was my Coney Dog Pie Iron!  On Saturday night we had hot dogs and hamburgers over the fire.  The Pie Irons were close by from Friday night and I decided to combine the two dinner plans into one and the Pie Iron Coney Dog was born.  This one went down as one of my favorite Pie Iron Creations, right after Angela’s Beef Pot Pie from two years ago and the Bananas Foster from years past. 

Coney with Cheese

Pie Iron Coney with Onions

The Coney was served with raw Vidalia Onion and Yellow Mustard…a new Campfire Classic was born.

  6 Responses to “Pie Iron Creations”

  1. How clever, they look delicious! Now where would I get a pie iron in Mexico? :P

  2. I like Corky's idea of camping! I had been poking around for more camping ideas in the Lansing area, so this was a wonderful post :)

  3. i didnt know u could cook that on a campfire! yum! nice to meet a fellow michigander:)

  4. @deanna: Not sure, but I know you can order them from camping supply stores.

    @lawn: Do you camp in the lansing area?

    @Mira: I checked out your blog…love it and I am your newest subscriber in google reader! I used to live in the Detroit metro area and miss many of the restaurants. I still make it there often though!

  5. This looks great! You may also try adding some pie filling in the bread it makes a great desert.

  6. Dear Camp: The canned pie fillings got old, that is why we started getting creative! Banana, brown sugar and butter makes a much better pie than any canned pie filling! We also did ones with chocolate chips and marshmallows…peanut butter and jelly…lots of good stuff!

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