I have blogged about The Golden Harvest before.  The meal I had there this weekend was so blog worthy that I had to revisit it.  There is nothing like breakfast at Golden Harvest.  It is my favorite local breakfast spot.  I have a few favorites, but this one is at the top of the heap.  That being said, I do not go there often.  For one thing, my diet cannot handle it!  I am sure there is someone out there who can have a relatively healthy breakfast there, but it is not me!  I often joke that they should have a side of Lipitor on the menu and I mean that pretty seriously!  The other issue is that you have to have time to go there.  If you arrive five minutes after they open, you will wait in line.  You need to get there early or sneak in at the end in order to not wait!  It is so worth it though.  If you are dining solo, you can often find one seat open at the counter.  You also need to be open to sharing a table with strangers.  I have done that several times and they have been some of my most memorable meals there.  You never know who you are going to meet!

My nephew is home for his college spring break and I thought this was the perfect time to introduce him to the experience of Golden Harvest breakfast.  Plans were made with him Friday night by text message.  Is there any other way to communicate with a 20 year old? I imagined the look on his face when he read my text telling him that he and his girlfriend needed to meet me by 8:00 AM.  I promised him that it would be worth it.  I arrive right at 8:00 AM as the line that had formed to the curb was filing in the door as it opened.  I parked quickly and hopped out to jump in behind them.  Paul and Betsy were right behind me and we got the LAST TABLE in the opening crowd.  I think they realized then that I wasn’t just pulling their leg to get them out of bed early during spring break!

Our breakfasts did not disappoint.  I have always wanted to try their cheese grits and we ordered a side of it to share.  It was the creamiest cheesiest grit concoction I have ever tasted.  Ordering an appetizer at breakfast is not advisable though.  You don’t want to ruin your appetite for the main course!  Pauly and I probably ate half of the bowl.  It was as rich as the richest Mac and Cheese you can imagine.

Paul ordered from the Daily Special Board and had the “Yard Sale” that included three slices of various flavors of French Toast plus a plate of potatoes and choice of eggs or meat.  It was enormous and the name was very fitting!



Betsy was able to do some damage on the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Waffle!  I don’t know where that petite girl puts it, but I was impressed!  You could smell the peanut butter before this even hit the table.  I had one small bite at the end of my meal and it was really awesome.  I watched Zane sprinkle sugar on the split banana before throwing it on the grill.  It was pretty decadent and over the top.

I tend to order whatever omelet is on the special board when I go there.  Saturday’s special included portobello mushrooms, bacon, onion, leek, garlic, chives and aged white cheddar cheese.  I ate about half of the omelet, two bites of home fries and gave my toast to Paul.  The best part of their omelet is the cheese that is on top and then fries around the edges of the omelet into frico on the grill.  Eating there this weekend reminded me of sharing a meal there with my friend, Duane.  He is a vegetarian and typically orders the special omelet sans meat.  After sitting at the counter and watching what goes on and off that grill, I like to remind him that NOTHING coming off of that grill is truly vegetarian! That grilled is seasoned with years of pork fat and it is a beautiful thing.

It was a great meal and more importantly I got to spend time with my nephew, Paul and his girlfriend, Betsy.  It is important to take advantage of times like this and spend time with family.  I have to keep up my “favorite aunt” status too!  Paul was born when I was in grad school and living in Arizona, as was his family.  I had him so conditioned to the phrase “whose your favorite aunt?”  That when he was a toddler you could just say “favorite” and he would replay “Amy!”  Now he likes to tell me that I am his “favorite Aunt Amy.”  I of course hear that as “You are my favorite Aunt, Amy!”  It is all in the punctuation!

So what was the verdict on this meal for him?



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