I have been on Pinterest for a few months.  I know that it has opened some users eyes to the world of food blogs, but I was already there.  It has opened my eyes to the plethora of education and early child development bloggers out there.  There are some moms, teachers and home schoolers out there with some excellent resources and a willingness to share them.  I am loving it and readily applying them to my professional work!  I love it!  I subscribe to over 100 blogs in Google Reader, most of them being food and health related and have been starring and bookmarking recipes for years.  What pinterest has given me is a visual bookmarking and sharing system that I have found very useful!  I have to say that I have probably made at least 3 or 4 times the recipes I have liked online than I did pre-pinterest.

One of those recipes was for a vegan fajita filling that really piqued my curiosity.  I made it today and it is awesome and so worth sharing!  This is a perfect Meatless Monday recipe.  When I made it, I had planned on eating it with a dollop of greek yogurt and/or a little cotija cheese.  After tasting the filling, I knew that it wasn’t needed.  I shared this recipe with an old friend I have recently gotten re-acquainted with through Facebook (more on that later) and she actually made it first.  She gave me some advice on the use of coconut oil, as I had never cooked with it.  The flavor combination of the coconut oil, lime juice, cilantro and garlic is heavenly.  It is a flavorful pesto-ish combination that I am sure I will make and use in other dishes.  The recipe can be found here on Three Many Cooks.  I ate a second serving of the filling on some sliced avocado and it was just as good.  I called these vegan black bean and quinoa tacos because I used the tastiest corn tortillas I have had in a long time.  I found these Maria and Ricardo’s Corn Tortillas at Foods for Living and gave them a try.  They were a bit pricey for a small package, but the handmade style of a little thicker tortilla held up well with an overstuffed taco.  I found little information about them online.  Their website is under construction but there were links to distributors.

I heated up the tortilla for a few seconds on the burner and topped it with a generous spoonful of the filling, a few slices of avocado, diced tomatoes and scallions.  It needed a touch of sea salt.  I cooked dry beans and had not added salt and avocado always needs a touch of salt for me.  All I can say is my meatless meal turned into a vegan meal and I didn’t miss the dairy one bit.  This did not need cheese or greek yogurt.  It was perfect as is.

I had to use up the rest of the avocado half!  I topped it with another spoonful of the filling and toppings…I can’t wait to take the leftovers to work tomorrow!

I have been hearing people talk about cooking with coconut oil for some time, but had yet to try it.  The flavor of the coconut paired perfectly with the lime and cilantro.  I can’t wait to try it again in the next dish!

On the topic of “Meatless Mondays”, Chet and I have been having many more meatless meals and days lately.  We have been juicing like fools, have dropped a few pounds and are really enjoying trying new foods!  Even Chet!  One of our recent finds in a Lebanese restaurant was Tomato Kibbe.  The restaurant that serves it is in the Detroit metro area (we found a closer one in Brighton) but we have yet to find it locally.  Watch for this to come…either a post on our favorite or once I work out the kinks and come up with my own version!  If anyone has any advice on tomato kibbe or recipes for me to try, please comment and share!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you enjoyed the meatless fajita filler. We started out as “Meatless Monday” people, but now – I don’t remember the last time I bought meat. Interesting!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic taco! Will definitely try it this week and see how it turns out. We’ve taken the Meatless Monday pledge as one of our own CSR initiatives and share a Meatless recipe every Monday. Today we’re sharing a Vegan Mujaddara which is fantastic. Take a look a when you get a chance: http://www.miratelinc.com/blog/meatless-monday-with-vegan-mujaddara-csr-business/ We’re on Pinterest too and it’s such a great new platform. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the comment, Maggy. I am having more meatless meals and days. I don’t see myself ever being a real vegetarian, but like this more omnivore way of eating!

    Thanks for the link Desi. I love mujaddara and will check that out soon! Do you know how to make a vegetarian kibbeh?

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