plate of brownies

That is what my friend Beth called it.  I have known about Biscoff Spread for years.  I have read many a blog post about Speculoos and even known of Trader Joe’s cousin, the Cookie Butter.  I have resisted all temptation to buy the stuff.  I even took a picture of a jar of it at Horrock’s Farm Market in Lansing and sent it to a friend who I know loves Biscoff Cookies as much or more than I do!  I have been known to tweet and send facebook updates on my love for these cookies and pledge that I will only fly Delta Airlines because they serve them!  Help!

Last night I hosted “dinner club.”  In past years, my closest girlfriends and I held dinner club every four to six weeks.  After our friend, Tia moved to New York, the frequency diminished and it has honestly been a couple YEARS since we held such an event.  I am happy to report that on February 02, 2013, the four remaining local members of dinner club reunited.  In honor of such occasion, I bought a jar of Biscoff Spread in order to make a spectacular dessert.  WELL…I immediately tried a spoonful of it when I opened the jar and all I can say is OH. MY. GOD.  It is just as delicious as I had ever imagined.  I continued to make the Biscoff Brownies recipe I found with a quick google search for recipes.  Everyone at dinner club had to try a spoon (or two) and I have to admit that Chet and I had a few more than our share!  I wish I had a picture of him standing in the middle of our kitchen eating it with a fork in his underwear this morning.  He looked up at me and exclaimed “DO NOT BUY THIS AGAIN.”  It is really that good and really that dangerous to keep in your kitchen.

plate of brownies

Here is what was left of the brownies after last night.

WOW…Biscoff Spread is a life changing experience.  It is like the cookies only better.  Chet wanted to make Biscoff Cookie Sandwiches with the spread sandwiched between biscoff cookies!  I am actually headed back to the store to buy the ingredients for a couple more batches of this to send it to his mother and aunt for their birthdays this week.  You really have to try it.

The bad part is what happened AFTER dinner club.  There was the “eating biscoff spread in your underwear incident”, followed by “let the dogs try it, it is better than peanut butter!”  A friend on Facebook posted that she can’t keep this stuff in the house because she “eats in in three days!”  THREE DAYS?!  I can see a person eating the entire jar by the spoonful in one sitting!  It is that good and the reason I will not keep it in the kitchen regularly!

Biscoff Brownie



Caught you!


Hobart likes Biscoff Spread too!


WOW…this stuff is dangerous!

  4 Responses to “Biscoff Spread is “evil amazing stuff””

  1. I think we ALL wish you had a picture of Chet in his underwear eating some spread. There’s always tomorrow morning, right?

    • No we don’t need to see Chet in his underwear. Trust me. I’ve seen it live more times than I’d like to admit and I will never get the image out of my memory!

      • Yes Kristin, you have had the honor of seeing Chet pantsless (is that a word) several times! Remember when he was hopped up on Mexican Coca Cola and removed them in your backseat? That was a long walk up your driveway!

  2. There is nothing left for tomorrow morning! DOH! I will keep an eye out though. We plan on making these to send to PA for his mom and aunt’s bdays this week. If there is enough leftover, I might just catch him with the fork!

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